The GORE BIKE WEAR® brand collection has been specially developed to meet the needs of today's cyclists.

Our own legendary GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® fabrics are included in this collection, as well as a broad range of selected technical fabrics which address the specific needs of cyclists.

Count on GORE BIKE WEAR® products for the ultimate in comfort and performance.

GORE-TEX® Products
Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® product technology are durably waterproof and windproof combined with optimised breathability. Gore invests heavily in field testing to understand end user needs which allows Gore to provide the GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise.
GORE-TEX® Products For Men
GORE-TEX® Products For Women

GORE-TEX® Product

  • Long-term, reliable weather protection for a wide range of cycling activities.
  • Warmth on windy, cool days and during cool down after aerobic activity.
  • Increased comfort because your body stays drier, even during aerobic activity.
  • Consistent performance and longer garment life.
GORE-TEX® Active
Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® Active product technology are built for extreme breathability and are ideal for highly aerobic, done in a day activities.
All components are built for optimized sweat management to ensure extreme breathability and optimum comfort in high aerobic conditions.
The performance is also supported by a tight fitting and minimalistic garment design.
GORE-TEX® Active For Men
GORE-TEX® Active For Women

GORE-TEX® Active

  • Increased comfort because your body stays drier even during highly aerobic activities
  • Reliable weather protection for the useful life of the garment
  • With a weight of less than 14 ounces, the ideal garment for highly aerobic activities